Is Amsterdam at night dangerous?

Well, surely it is one of the easiest dream destinations to reach from Italy. And it offers many activities of the most disparate that can interest almost everyone, from the most extravagant types in search of particular emotions, to lovers of art and culture … or flowers. By day it’s a pretty safe city … But is Amsterdam dangerous at night? You are well-advised to ask yourself this question because there are danger zones in Amsterdam at night and precautions to be taken. So before you leave, read this article well because Amsterdam is dangerous at night, in some ways …

Is Amsterdam at night more or less dangerous than other cities?

It has often been called one of the safest cities in the world. But let’s not hide behind a finger, it’s mostly known for two things that are sold regularly: drugs and sex. These carry crowds of tourists arrive to have fun and become a perfect target for criminals. So it is questionable whether Amsterdam is dangerous. The answer is, unfortunately, yes, especially at night.

There are many pickpockets and even more dangerous criminals. Furthermore, the problem of the free sale of drugs is (sometimes) that it fosters stupidity, violence is disorder.

In particular, the ” Red Light District ” is very dangerous so that the police have difficulty controlling it and sometimes even ambulances cannot reach certain areas at night

Other reasons why Amsterdam is dangerous at night

It will seem strange to you and maybe some of you will even burst out laughing but Amsterdam hides another danger at night that is to be hit by a bicycle or a tram in those areas that are shared. It seems nonsense to you, but unlike trams and bicycles, they don’t make enough noise to be heard and if you are perhaps distracted or a little dazed by some substance you easily risk an accident.

And stop laughing dots happens much more often than you imagine!

So be careful not to walk on the bike lanes and keep an eye on the trams when you cross the street!

Another hidden danger that may make you laugh but that statistically happens very often is to fall into the canals because you are stunned by drugs or drunk. Again, don’t laugh: this is a serious statistic!

Amsterdam at night is dangerous: what to do?

First of all, we must recall the rules of common sense that must be adopted in every major city. However, when traveling, you must always keep the general safety rules dictated by common sense.

  • Try not to express the fact that you are an easy prey with the typical clothing and attitude of a tourist.
  • Adopt all common sense behaviors that are held in big cities, such as not showing off valuables, leaving nothing in view on the dashboard of your car, holding your bag or backpack in front of you when passing through crowded areas or at risk of pickpocketing , don’t show the money, keep the wallet in the front pocket and so on.
  • Do not keep documents and money in the same place.
  • Always contact authorized personnel and official taxi drivers.
  • Behave respectfully and avoid grumpy discussions and attitudes.

And so on.

Particularly in Amsterdam at night, given that nightlife is certainly an integral part of the entertainment, other rules must be emphasized:

  • Pay particular attention to bars and clubs in the city that are often very crowded. Never drink, for example, drinks that have not been served directly by the bartender or that you have lost sight of.
  • If you visit the R and Light District  keep your eyes open if you can (not just look at the attractive windows …) and don’t venture into isolated streets
  • Go easy on cannabis and other drugs especially if you are not used to it. For example, do not mix grass alcohol and hallucinogenic mushrooms, it is extremely dangerous! Choose one poison at a time.
  • Avoid taking pictures in the Red Light District, so don’t especially like it because maybe some venture doesn’t want to take the risk of being recognized. The camera could be confiscated or worse …
  • Don’t buy illegal drugs and if you want to do it, don’t make the dealer angry.
  • Avoid the ” hotel Runners ” guys who walk around the central station and get you hotels, first because it’s illegal second because hotels are usually the worst.
  • Watch out for fake cops, no real cop ever cash.
  • Particular attention to pickpockets on trains and trams and above all their techniques to distract you.

Don’t be too scared Amsterdam remains a moderately safe and WONDERFUL city!

At the end of the fair, if you stay outside the dangerous neighborhoods of Amsterdam and don’t do anything illegal, you should be okay!

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