How to travel for free in Business Class!

Maybe during the nerve-racking wait at the gate, where he found with difficulty a seat on uncomfortable crowded and smelly chairs. Certainly during the long queues, from which he could see business travelers passing comfortably on fast-tracks. Or on the plane itself, when you cross the upper classes looking with envy at the comfortable armchairs. What if I told you that there is a way for free in Business Class? In this article, I will reveal one of the tricks in our travel manual so that you can learn how to fly in business class without paying!

Why travel in Business Class (… even better free!)

Flight, especially at night, is often the most stressful part. Traveling in business is something else. It’s not just a matter of useless luxury or avoiding having to sit side by side with a sumo wrestler. When you fly a long time, have space around, be able to stretch out horizontally like on a bed, reserve meals and exclusive entertainment and excellent service can become important things. It does not mean, in fact, only to recover the day of travel (which becomes a holiday day itself) but also those on arrival, because it was possible to rest on the plane. And as already mentioned, time is the most precious asset. The business ticket also includes more baggage allowances and priority on their delivery on arrival or in case of loss.

Furthermore, traveling in this class allows access to fast tracks to skip the tedious files. Furthermore, it guarantees entry to the lounges, private lounges located at the airport that offer various services, food, drinks magazines and a luxury hotel treatment that makes waiting a pleasant moment of relaxation. Some lounges also offer free SPA services. And I said it all!

This is why, as many knows, the cost of the business can be up to four times more than the economy.

For some years an intermediate class called ” premium economy ” has also been born. The latter offers some good advantages (usually greater baggage allowances and much more comfortable seats), but, although promoted initially with attractive prices, it is now well known and therefore often expensive.

Just try the business once and you will see that, before choosing any other flight, you will try to find one in that class, even if it involves minor changes to your programs.

How to fly in business class without paying

We reveal one of the many tricks that often represented the reason for registering for our workshops: how to travel in business by paying the economy ticket.

One of the mysterious “secrets” for traveling in business paying the economy ticket is to use a credit card. Good strength, you say, in this way everyone is capable. But I don’t mean the credit card to pay for the ticket, but the daily use of a card that allows the accumulation of miles. By doing this for every euro spent, you will be entitled to one mile (up to three for some American Expresses)). This means that every time you shop, or sadly pay taxes, you will at least have the comfort of having accumulated miles. The latter is worth very little if used to buy items, as is done with the numerous points cards. But investing as a ticket upgrade acquires a great value because in reality for the companies this is not a big cost.

To earn enough miles through flights you should travel a lot. With this method, however, you will do it daily.

To increase your mileage account, you can then use the card for your business, have it opened to your relatives, or pay your friends’ accounts. If you buy flights with a credit card this will double your miles. By registering for the free surety programs, you will also receive other offers.

Do not squander this advice, for example in America, where it has been adopted for several years, company policy begins to be more restrictive, especially for award flights.

Miles can also be used to get a free flight award, but this is not how most are valued. If you choose this route, remember that you have to have a really big advance in booking because places are limited.

In Italy, there are currently a couple of groups of companies in which you can use these miles ( American Express for Alitalia – Sky Team and  Unicredit Miles & More for Lufthansa – Star Alliance ) with the relative credit cards and surety cards, and the tables for the conversion. Note well, there is no need to open an account other than yours, the Cards will lean on what you already have.

Another attempt to access these classes without bleeding you can do so by signing up for newsletters and surety programs and waiting for offers.

Another chance is offered by some companies (such as Swiss) that, lately, allow you to bid for the upgrade after buying the economy ticket. This, however, provides for a minimum offer, not always convenient.

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