How to pay for the trip in installments

Quiet this does not mean that this year you will have to report this experience so important that it is notoriously one of the most beautiful things in your life. Several methods will allow you to pay for the trip in installments, either directly at the agency if you want to choose this mode, either with loans made on purpose or with credit cards and so on. And I guarantee you that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, even the richest do it when they have no liquidity … Maybe when they are planning to change their residence name and therefore they will not return the installments due! Seriously we find out how to pay for the trip in installments and what to pay attention to!

Pay the trip in installments by applying for a personal loan

A very simple method is to request a personal loan from a bank. In this period there are some (like a compass ) that offer it very quickly for amounts up to € 30,000 (with which you would make a nice trip around the world!) And are certainly not there to ask you what you have to do with it. For a € 3,000 loan, protests pay from 43 to 48 installments of € 80 a month, for example.

When establishing the necessary budget Remember also that, probably, during your stay, you will need other liquidity and then understand it in the amount to be considered.

Pay the trip in installments with a credit card

This is certainly the easiest way to pay for your holiday in installments, of course, if you have a credit card. Most cards allow you to pay the cost of the installment payment. You will, therefore, have to simply buy a flight, stay, etc. with your credit card and then ask for the balance to be paid. Every, card is different so my advice is to call the bank that gave it to you and ask for details on the amounts to be paid, the credit limit and so on. I remind you that there are some credit cards in Italy (currently  Unicredit with Lufthansa -Star Alliance – and American Express with Alitalia – Sky Team) that in addition to this advantage give you the possibility to accumulate miles for every euro you spend and to be able to use them for award flights and upgrades.

Pay travel in installments by buying in the agency or online

Most travel agencies both physical and online (OTA) already have agreements with institutions that offer loans and installments (the best known is  Findomestic ). So if you want to buy a trip of this type, you will probably be able to have it paid for by them directly or choose an agency that offers this service. There are so many.

As in most cases, it will be enough to have turned 18, not to be registered in the ” register of bad payers” and to have a ” repayment capacity” to testify through income documentation (such as CUD, tax return, pension slip, etc.).

Pay the trip in installments: ATTENTION!

Whatever the option you have chosen to pay for the trip in installments well-controlled, what are the characteristics of the loan offered: the APR, for example, Global Effective Annual Rate ie the actual cost of the loan that you will have to pay to the lender expressed in percentage terms and includes interest, costs, and additional charges. Remember, for example, that the TAN – Nominal Annual Rate, does not include expenses. Evaluate all the clauses of the contract, what happens in the case of non-payment of an installment, if it is possible the early repayment of the loan and with what compensation.

Finally, consider signing a “credit protection insurance”, an insurance that can protect Harvey in the event of unforeseeable events such as loss of income.

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