How to choose travel insurance

Choosing the destination? Maybe with the article ”  How to choose the destination of your trip! Well! I recommend that you now subscribe to travel insurance! It doesn’t cost much but it’s really important. It can be very difficult to choose which one is best suited to your needs based on the type of company, the packages offered and so on … Of course, the internet seems like a rich resource … But the web is not by chance so-called: web means ” web “. To me, it seems to recall not only the appearance of ” network ” as a link. On the ” spider web ” there is the spider, which uses it to move in all directions (because it knows “where to put the paws”), And there are so many insects that we simply remain trapped. Who would you like to be? Maybe it sucks to eat the insects (or maybe, just traveling you will soon experience these ” delights”). But you must know how to use it, the “web”, or you will be the fly. And you know where it often rests.

How to choose the travel insurance that best suits your needs

First of all I serenely tell you that the article is not sponsored and this is acknowledged by the fact that even if maybe for you it may be less convenient, I explicitly chose not to include direct links to the companies (a method by which, vice versa, I could have can get a revenue).

Then I want to tell you that unfortunately there is no single answer and like all things we should work hard to get good results. In other words, you should go and study the information package and the contractual conditions on a case-by-case basis. This would take away a lot of time, maybe you wouldn’t even be able to find the nice shortcomings hidden by the lawyers who draft these documents.

So let us try to clarify so that you can better understand how to choose travel insurance.

First of all, in order to avoid reading files, if I were you I would opt for well-known names that belong to large insurance groups that maybe have less interest in rubbing off for a legal quirk and therefore offer more serious services that are worth paying a few euro (because at the end of this it is more).

Travel insurance is a special thing because as long as you don’t use it, you only think about saving money, but the only time you, unfortunately, need it, you will realize that you wanted to pay more to guarantee excellent service!

However, there are often simple summary tables on insurance websites.

First of all, you need to consider whether you should take one for a single trip or an annual one,  which is usually only worthwhile if you travel a lot.

Then you have to choose if you want to insure yourself only from a medical point of view, also include baggage or other coverages (such as civil liability – which you never know) and the trip cancellation policy. Pay attention because the latter can usually be exercised only by justifying with documents the taking over of a real cause of force majeure that prevents departure.

If you need it, also evaluate the various assistance offered both on the road and at home during the absence or return.

You can save money by using insurances that have a so-called ” franchise “, or in which you will pay a small part of the expense. In this way, the company is sure that you do not use it if not necessary. You are however covered regarding serious medical expenses which are usually the real problem.

How to choose travel insurance: tricks ideas and offers

There are many offers online, sometimes coupons. I found an excellent quality-price ratio of oncoverwise .it. It saves enough, has good guarantees and it is a serious and international company. Read the information pack well and compare the various packages. Most of the time, ” medical and luggage “insurance will suffice.

Among those that have a known brand and therefore at least to me personally inspire a little more confidence (in addition to essemics already found well in my previous experiences)  is very cheap, even if it is not the lowest, however. The most economic usually appears to be “ insurance- “. offers, in my opinion, the most affordable prices, greater guarantees, including, for example, Civil Liability in basic medical and luggage insurance. An excellent one, but not cheaper, with which I have already had excellent experiences and Allianz-Global Assitance (I repeat, excuse me if I do not put the links but it is to prove my neutrality ).

Trick:  any insurance you choose to book do it by going to the easy. its website, you will get a real discount of up to 20 %.

Some countries have agreements with the Italian mutual (you will not believe it but also Australia – therefore always verified), aimed at offering some free health services, often however limited to first aid or a little more.

Trick: As far as baggage is concerned, instead, for a few euros it is always better to have extra insurance, even if there is a foolproof method to be reimbursed by any company in case of problems in this regard, contact : they will take care of everything for free, and will not hold anything back from the reimbursement that will be paid to you. Be careful because many other companies, on the other hand, require commissions often equal to 25% of the amount repaid.

Idea: If you are terrified of the risk of baggage being lost, consider the new product called ” Bag-track “, comprehensive insurance of baggage guarantees and the provision of a tracking device (called ” Lug-Loc ”) which, inserted in the suitcase, can provide you with its position at any time.

Idea: If you pay for your trip through PayPal, this online payment company offers you a free travel cancellation policy (always check the related information package).

Some credit cards, especially those that also allow the accumulation of miles, offer free travel insurance (but always check the conditions of the contract).

In short, insurance products are the most diverse, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. You will see that you will easily find yourself having more guarantees and at a lower price than what is offered by some tour operators in their packages.

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