How far in advance to book the holidays

What is the risk of not finding a place or finding higher prices? In reality, the speech is articulated because with how much booking the holidays depends on the type of trip, the period in which you intend to travel and also the destination. However, we will clarify the ideas and, even if the question ” how much advance do you want to book the holidays? “Has more answers, to frame what is the best time to get quality and convenience for each type of travel and related service.

How far in advance to book your holidays by plane or train

If you intend to fly, it is always advantageous to book as early as possible. It seems obvious but it is good to remember: to save money it is better to book the ticket well in advance and fly during the low season. Depending on the sites and the statistics, the most disparate advice can be found online but in general it is better not to approach the time of departure to book the flight and maybe do it 5 weeks earlier in the case of national tickets, about 3 months before for European flights and maybe 6 months in advance to travel to other continents.

Sometimes it may even be convenient to pay the small amount from the websites of the companies to keep the price locked for some time.

To guarantee a possible reimbursement in the event of a sudden change of dates or cancellation of the trip you could choose ” flexible” rates. However, these are often very expensive so consider the possibility of signing a cancellation policy. The latter is generally not very expensive but more often than not the refund can only be requested if a valid reason is due to force majeure for training on the same (it is recommended to read carefully the prospectus of the chosen insurance).

The same is true if you travel by train because there are often promotional fares with limited numbers or that are removed as the departure date approaches.

How many bookings for holidays in high season or low season?

It is well known that in high season there is the risk of finding yourself with too high prices and low availability. The best accommodations and the most interesting activities and excursions can be sold-out. Therefore the advice here is simple: book as soon as possible!

Try to take advantage of offers that more and more often offer intermediary sites such as that allow you to cancel for free until a certain date. If for example you are undecided between a destination you might even book both, but remember to put a couple of alarms on the phone to remind you to cancel the one in which you will not go two days before the deadline.

Also, in this case, it may be convenient to take out travel cancellation insurance with the precautions described above.

The situation changes completely if you go on holiday in the low season instead. During this period, it may be appropriate to book at the last moment for several reasons. The first is that if it is low season because of the climate that may not be exactly favorable it is better to make sure of the forecasts before booking. Another reason is that there is no hurry since there will probably be room and therefore you can decide calmly and in the meantime possibly bargain since the structures will probably be found with different vacancies.

How far in advance to book the holidays based on the destination

With how much advance to book the holidays can also depend a lot on the destination. There are some details for which it takes almost a year before to grab the best seats! This is the example of public camps in Botswana’s parks, as the best (places with more wildlife and at very low prices) are beginning to have no availability for 11 months before. Or the train from Cuzco and the related ticket to Machu Picchu will amaze you has a limited number of entrances divided by time slots and therefore, in high season, may not leave you the availability especially at acceptable times.

For particular destinations, it is always the principle that booking as soon as possible (and possibly taking out insurance) offers, if not more advantageous prices, certainly a better choice and the possibility of calmly contacting the various structures of the place before choosing.

Vice versa in the more tourist and receptive destinations, unless you go there in peak season or conjunction with particular events, it is always possible to book even at the last minute or even by going directly (perhaps to take a look at the room before book it). So a very receptive area, well and where you go in the low season is the only case where you can take advantage of last-minute offers.

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