Find out if you are a traveler or a tourist

And it’s still a more interesting topic to talk about rather than how many followers Ferragni has reached! But there is a big difference between Traveling is ” tourist ” and not by chance the first one I wrote with a capital letter! Contrary to what happened in the past, Italy is not, in general, today a country that churns out more travelers than tourists, although there are, fortunately, many more. Here is a small test to see if you are a traveler or a tourist, followed by some explanation, advice and lots of inspiration!

Are you a traveler or a tourist?

Here is a simple and quick test to see if you are a traveler or a tourist: simply choose the answer that is closest to your case:

  1. How long have you not changed your social media profile or cover photo?
  • A. I change it several times a year
  • B. It will be a few years, so I look younger, right?
  • C. It was back in 2001, my honeymoon!
  1. In how many languages ​​can you say hello?
  • A. Two or three, and of course in my dialect!
  • B. Nearly a dozen
  • C. At least a dozen, plus the various forms with which one greets in each country
  1. How many IATA airport codes do you know by heart?
  • A. But why do airports have a code?
  • B. That of the airport from which I leave … maybe … but I confess that I didn’t know it was called IATA
  • C. Many, above all those that seem the fiscal code of the name of the city!
  1. How much do you spend each year on travel?
  • A. Almost nothing, I have a beach house
  • B. Less than 10% of my net income
  • C. More than 10% of my net income … sometimes too much more!
  1. How many maps did you hang in your apartment?
  • A. None, I have the tapestries bought on the honeymoon of 2001
  • B. Only one, a painting with an ancient map bought from an antique dealer
  • C. Diverse, but my favorite is the one from which the visited destinations are scratched away
  1. How many destinations are there between the places you would like to visit sooner or later in your life?
  • A. Only two remain because I saw him on his honeymoon in 2001
  • B. Ten, but I’m sure I won’t do them all.
  • C. Hundreds. Not only: in some, I would like to go there several times in different periods of the year
  1. Which of these situations would you prefer
  • A. A hotel where everyone speaks your language, the majority of guests are European, the food is Italian and also very good
  • B. A characteristic local hotel, however, organized to accommodate South European guests
  • C. A decorous hotel, but where tourists come almost exclusively from the area

Well, the solution, maybe you will have understood it, it is very simple.

If you have chosen “A” several times, the situation is very serious: you are a tourist! We are very sorry for you. But do not despair: it is a treatable disease … most of the time. The first step is surely to realize it, then you will see that everything will come by itself! Meanwhile, if you are doing the ” Travel blogger ” (and in my opinion some ” tourist ” among us, unfortunately, is there!) Please stop the activity for a moment and go to the other shore before continuing! To you tourists (at least for now) I suggest you take a look at the article: ” How to choose the destination of your next trip ”

If you have chosen the “B”  several times, you are halfway between a traveler and a tourist. Now it’s up to you to decide where to tip the balance, but you can imagine what we recommend. Meanwhile, you might be interested in the article: ” How to pack smartly “.

If your answers are mostly “C”, you are more a traveler, and as such you know that you always need to improve. To you, I dedicate the article: ” Walking with the Lions and Cheetahs in South Africa”

Whatever your choice was, we are sure that our ” Smart Traveling – tips, secrets and ideas for the modern traveler ” manual will be very useful. You can also download the free Lite version by clicking here.

Traveler or Tourist

“Made to experience”: this should be the traveler’s motto. Unlike what anyone who ” does not chew English”may think does not mean ” experience ” (which would seem to be the name of a strange drug). The travel experience is never enough: the world is too big and varied … and now you travel even further. In reality ” made to experience ” refers to the word”experience” as a verb (meaning that unfortunately, it does not exist in Italian … it would be ” experience “). And this is what real journeys are.

Poets and writers have often praised this type of travel: it is like ” living several times “, said Khayyam, “it is adding life to life “, Bufalino, and so on. Today the ” experience ” is beginning to make its way in the motivations for the choice of goals (74% in the last tripbarometer ).

One of the first concepts to understand is that from the moment you move from your home by winning a battle against routine (as Paul Morand used to say ), you can choose to find yourself surrounded by compatriots, in a place designed to welcome tourists, to have them ” Fools and happy ” and earn as much as possible by selling them magnets made in China with ” Hawaii ” written on them .

Conversely, you can decide to enter another dimension, to live for those 7, 15 or, I wish you, 30 days, another life, in another place, with other perfumes, other habits. Just to continue with the quotations, George Bernard Shaw said: ” I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad ” (I don’t like ” feeling at home ” when I’m abroad), obviously referring to experience and not to comfort.

An ancient Eastern proverb states: ” seeing a thing a hundred times is not as good as experiencing it “.I don’t want to bore you with stories from my many trips, also because based on the principles just set out, my needs have been conceived for me, with my personal tastes. Maybe you don’t want to meet the animals or go into orbit, you don’t want to drive abroad and so on. But I guarantee you that they have always given me indescribable feelings and emotions. What I mean is that in those days life is so intense that I keep the memory of every single moment. I even remember what I ate for lunch and dinner on trips that I did even 10, 15, 20 years ago, while I have already forgotten, believe me, where I parked the car before returning home.

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