Do strange journeys

A journey can be strange because it includes a truly unique experience, because the destination is not typically tourist or because the way it is done is not the traditional one. Strange journeys might seem like an activity reserved for those who are a little crazy or brave. But read this article and you will discover that it is not always like this and that anyone can find his size to make strange journeys!

Do strange ” experiential ” trips

The first way to ” make strange journeys ” is to go where you can try a particularly original experience. Let’s see how to do it by spending a lot of money … but also free!

The first experience that comes to mind, for example, is to go into orbit to prove the absence of gravity. It is certainly not the cheapest, even if the cost is comparable to that of a useless option on your new car or a particularly expensive suit. But living a real astronaut’s experience will leave you something inside that will last a lifetime!

Leaving aside the details on the technical aspect of the operation, I want to underline that the absence of gravity in these flights is realized in the phase in which the plane flies horizontally, parallel to the earth, and not when it is diving. I say this because most people believe the opposite instead. They imagine that the absence of gravity is a kind of fall that makes the stomach feel empty like on a carousel. In reality, it is just the opposite. Your body has never been so in harmony with itself because you no longer feel any kind of constraint, weight or constraint. You feel happy and euphoric and start to acquire an awareness of being. It is amazing how little force is needed to move one’s body in the absence of gravity. and it is wonderful to fly like Superman giving himself a little push. Any other kind of experience, be it a parachute, bungee jumping or something else remains a fall or being hung on something. Only in the absence of gravity can you fly. You can read more details in the article ” My astronaut day “.

If the budget is a bit small, know that it probably costs much less than you imagine to have unique experiences of meeting with animals that you have always believed too dangerous because they can be approached like sharks or big cats for example with which you can walk the places like South Africa.

If, on the other hand, you are broke but still want to have a special experience, you could opt for a volunteer experience where the trip would also combine the pleasure of participating in a mission and leave your heart something truly profound.

Always free you could instead take away the whim of living for a while another life. This is possible either by offering to do small household chores (like feeding the cat or watering the plants) for those on sites likemindmyhouse or house carers will leave the house for a shorter or longer period in exchange for simple basic care for their home.

Similarly, if you are willing to exchange your home with someone who lives in the destination you have chosen for your trip, you can use home or swap.

You will find many ideas for discovering “ How to travel for free! ”

Make strange journeys for the chosen medium

Surely the strangest journey by the method of travel is to travel on a cargo ship. It is not ” glamorous “, nor particularly fast or efficient, and also requires difficult flexibility for those who have a “normal” job in life. But it is probably one of the very few true methods left to make a travel experience around the truly original world. Do not believe that it is very cheap but it is certainly ” strange “. You will have plenty of time to relax and become part of a large “extended family” which is the crew. Get ready for very adventurous ocean crossings and above all the possibility of itinerary changes because on these ships passengers are not the priority but the load, the business.

Today it is no longer possible unfortunately to make trips of this type in exchange for small tasks on board. But if you want to travel for free or almost you could offer yourself on the appropriate sites to transfer a boat (if you are capable) or simply a camper (even luxury) from one location to another for the companies that need it: imagine traveling between Chicago and Las Vegas, perhaps passing through Mount Rushmore, the Yellowstone NP and the Grand Canyon, paying practically only the international flight.

A truly intense adventurous experience, if you have a high tolerance for the safety aspect, is to travel in Central America with the “ Chicken Bus ” colorful and very cheap buses in which you travel “experiencing” really the local life especially in Honduras and Guatemala.

Make strange journeys by destination

Another way to make strange journeys is to visit truly unique destinations. As you can imagine, there are so many in the world. Here are some, just as an example.

One of the places to do strange journeys and certainly Turkmenistan and its ” gateway to hell “. Imagine yourself in the middle of the desert as you look inside a burning crater the size of a football field.

Marfa in Texas is a small town far from everything in which UFO sightings occur practically every day. This certainly does not mean that there are extraterrestrials but it is a scientifically recognized fact that from a place practically in the middle of the desert not far from the city (and where a special reception point has been created to facilitate sightings) it is possible to see anomalous lights in the sky. I visited him personally and saw them several times. There are still numerous studies underway to understand the mysterious origin of this phenomenon unknown to most, although it has been going on for hundreds of years.

Another definitely “strange” place is the Skeleton Coast in Namibia where, due to the strong waves and the fog that constitutes a danger to navigation, it is possible to admire on the coast several shipwrecks and, surprisingly, also a lot of fauna among the colonies of seals and desert elephants inside.

But it is not necessarily necessary to go far to make strange or original journeys, even Rome hides particular places as you can read in our article ” Hidden Pearls of Rome “.

General tips for traveling “strange”

Finally, let me give you some little advice:

1- Look for alternative attractions. Often the most famous are only the tip of the iceberg. This applies as much to the beaches as to the skyscrapers. If a location is famous for something, there will probably be many other similar but not ” Touristy ” and therefore free from ” Tourist traps ” (all those situations made to frame tourists and let them spend money buying souvenirs and stupid services) or superfluous).

2 – Rather than ” what to do in … “, search on the Internet “… .. off the beaten path “, ” free things to do in …” or “unusual things to do in … .. ” (where the dots are obviously for the place where you will go). The most popular sites for this are and, but depending on the location there are also small but delicious ones.

3 – Go to the attractions where travelers or locals should go and I guarantee that you will not only have original memories but great satisfaction.

In short, there are so many ways to make strange journeys, everything depends only on you.

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