Berlin neighborhoods to avoid

Areas to avoid in Berlin – All in all, Berlin is a safe city in most of its neighborhoods. Unfortunately, however, like every big city, it hides dangers, especially in some areas. During the day it feels safe enough to walk almost everywhere even if sometimes you can see local drug dealers in some corners but they are not dangerous for passers-by. But then there are neighborhoods from which to stay far away if you want to avoid potential dangers.

Berlin neighborhoods to be avoided absolutely

Moabit is a neighborhood where many criminals and prisons are sadly found, with numerous individuals awaiting trial who may have special permits. This does not mean that they are necessarily dangerous, but certainly, the percentage of risk goes up.

Kottbusser Tor is certainly at risk. If you walk from the Oranienstrasse on foot, better to go from theMoritzplatz station.

Neighborhoods of Berlin to avoid or to visit with caution

Neukölln is not a neighborhood to be avoided in general, on the contrary, it is great to eat and drink. But be careful because it seems there are particularly skilled pickpockets entering the premises as ghosts and going out with your belongings … like your ex-wife! Hermannplatz is also a place to keep your eyes truly open.

Marzahn, like all neighborhoods that are too east, can easily be the meeting place for skinheads. This does not necessarily mean that something bad should happen, but certainly in those areas. The risk is higher.

Görlitzer Park is not an officially dangerous place, but full of small criminal pickpockets. In particular, be careful if someone asks me for a donation because probably an accomplice is robbing you from behind.

Neighborhoods of Berlin to avoid … for reasons not related to crime

Avoid going to the Kurfürstendamm even during the day because you could be hit by a luxurious car I find your pockets emptied from the Apple Store!

Avoid the Hackescher Markt on the weekend: Hordes of tourists are known to cross the area without looking either right or left!

Avoid taking the U2 metro the first of the month if you are without a ticket because the day you check it the most!

Finally, avoid the nicer residential neighborhoods because after you’ve seen how beautiful the city is and how so many things work – sadly – much better than in Italy, it could make me want to live there!

Districts of Berlin to avoid: general advice

Seriously, first of all, it is good to recall the rules of common sense that should be adopted in every major city. However, when traveling, you must always keep the general safety rules dictated by common sense.

  • Try not to express the fact that you are an easy prey with the typical clothing and attitude of a tourist.
  • Adopt all common sense behaviors that are held in big cities, such as not showing off valuables, leaving nothing in view on the dashboard of your car, holding your bag or backpack in front of you when passing through crowded areas or at risk of pickpocketing , don’t show the money, keep the wallet in the front pocket and so on.
  • Do not keep documents and money in the same place.
  • Always contact authorized personnel and official taxi drivers.
  • Behave respectfully and avoid grumpy discussions and attitudes.

And so on.

Don’t be too scared Berlin remains a fairly safe and interesting city!

At the end of the fair if you stay out of the dangerous neighborhoods and follow the general rules you will be alright!

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