Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria may not be quite as well known as the beaches of Spain and Portugal, but the area continues to attract tourists from all over Europe. Many visitors come for the large, purpose built hotels and resorts, although the area also appeals to independent and more adventurous travelers looking to get off the beaten track a little.

The Black Sea coast stretches for almost 400 km, from the Romanian border to the Turkish border. Not surprisingly, it has become one of Bulgaria’s most popular tourist destinations, and is known for its pleasant year round sub tropical climate. There is no shortage of wide and sandy beaches, although the coast is also known for its dramatic rocky headlands, some reaching up to 70 meters in height. Varna and Burgas are the two largest cities in this part of Bulgaria.

sunny-beachIf it is beaches you are looking for, the Black Sea coast has plenty to choose from. The 8km length of Sunny Beach is the country’s most famous, and appeals to younger travelers, with plenty of high rise hotels, restaurants and nightclubs to choose from. Another popular nightlife destination is Golden Sands, although the beach also attracts those looking for a natural cure from the nearby hot springs. Families tend to prefer the amusement parks and shallow waters of the beaches at Albena, while those looking for an old fashioned seaside resort should head for Ahtopol, a historic town near the Turkish border. Irakli Beach is one of the few naturist beaches in Bulgaria, while Silistar Beach is a great place to see wildlife and enjoy free camping.

varnaVarna is the largest city on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, and offers plenty to see and do. The city has several good beaches, as well as a thriving restaurant and arts scene, and is also home to some of the country’s best museums including the naval museum, and the archaeological museum containing over 100,000 objects. Varna is also the location of the largest complex of Roman baths in Bulgaria, and makes an excellent base to explore the Black Sea coast in both directions.

History lovers can also find plenty to see on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The attractive town of Nesebar is connected to the mainland by an artificial causeway, and is known for its many beautiful medieval churches. The small and relaxed resort of Balchik is the site of the Romanian Royal Family’s summer palace, while Sozopol is also home to an important archaeological site, and home to a Roman amphitheater. One of the most unusual sights on the Black Sea coast is the medieval monastery at Aladzha Manastir, which has literally been carved out of the rock.

tyulenovoOne of the most picturesque spots on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast is the quiet fishing village of Tyulenovo. Legend has it that seals descended from those given to the Queen of Romania still swim off the shore, and the area is a great place for watching dolphins, as well as diving and fishing. The stretch of coast around Tyulenovo is well known for its many spectacular underwater caves and for the remains of one of the world’s oldest known civilizations. Recently excavated artifacts can be seen on display in nearby Balgarevo.

The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria really does have something for everyone, whether you are looking for non stop nightlife, family friendly beaches or historic sights. The country of Bulgaria also has the reputation of being one of Europe’s most affordable destinations, and your money will go a lot farther than in Spain, France or Portugal.

The Benefits Of Buying In Bulgaria


One of the beauties of the European continent is the vast number of cultures that exist within close proximity to one another. It takes relatively little time to get from one place to another, yet you can quickly find yourself in an entirely new world. If you wish to add a bit of spice to your life, you might want to consider purchasing a property in Bulgaria. This beautiful nation offers you a chance to not only purchase the property of your dreams, but to engage in a life surrounding by breathtaking beauty and a sense of community that is hard to find elsewhere.

Beautiful Scenery

rila-monasteryIf you are looking for a change of scenery, Bulgaria is certainly a wonderful place to start. The country, while perhaps not as well known as some of its European neighbors, offers spectacular views and a robust countryside that can appeal to anyone who is looking for a new home. Whether you’re looking for a getaway property or a place to relocate permanently, Bulgaria’s landscapes can provide you with both a sense of wonder and a place to rest.

From larger cities like Sofia to the Stone Coast, you can find properties throughout the country that will provide you with landscapes that are certainly different from those found at home. Bulgaria’s towns and villages are also worth a look, with their unique architecture and sense of ancient European history. No matter where you turn in the country, there is beauty to be found.

The Expat Population

bulgaria-landscapeOne of the real thrills of moving to another country is the ability to get to know the local population. Unfortunately, being surrounded by those who speak another language and have lived vastly different lives from your own can also make you lonely for a quick taste of home. Fortunately, Bulgaria hosts a thriving expat community – over fifty-thousand Brits call Bulgaria their permanent home, and a rising number of individuals are relocating to the country.

For many, this community provides both shelter and a great way to get to know their surroundings. Having the help of someone who has gone through the same process as you can be a spectacular way to get to know the country, and it gives you a sense of safety that might not otherwise be found after you move. Connecting with this population can give you a sense of home while allowing you to explore Bulgaria on your own terms.

An Exciting Life

traditional-dressIf the scenery and a sense of community are not enough for you, Bulgaria also offers you the chance to start your life anew in a world that can seem quite different from that at home. Going to a new country can be an adventure, but living there can change the way that you look at your life. Instead of merely being a passive observer, you can become a vital part of a community that is both wildly different and blessedly familiar to the one in which you have lived your life.

Bulgaria’s art, history and culture gives you a chance to explore a world that you may not have ever known to exist. You can immerse yourself in a new way of living your life, all while enjoying the comfort of the country’s beautiful surroundings. What more could you want from life?

Lower Prices

The answer, of course, is an affordable way to live that adventurous, beautiful life. Property prices in Bulgaria are remarkably low, allowing you to get far more for your money than you would in some of the more established nations of Europe. An individual who finds himself living in a flat today might find an affordable home in Bulgaria, while those with a bit more to spend can often find a place that will put them at the heart of the country’s art and culture. Buying property can be a difficult process if you are looking abroad, but with the right help you can find yourself in a Bulgarian property more quickly than you can imagine.

Bulgaria is not just a wonderful place to visit – it is a perfect place to live. Whether you are looking for a property that you can visit on vacation or you are looking to start a new life in the country, you will find what you need in Bulgaria. Taking the step towards this new life can be frightening, but the rewards may be far greater than you can imagine. If you are looking for something new, consider starting life anew in Bulgaria.